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Keep them entertained



All our Gigwi toys are durable, engaging and become first pick from the pile! But our overall favourite is the Dino Ball toy! The mute function is a winner for the humans, and even when it’s not squeaking it’s fun to parade around the house with and chew on! My cat brothers love their Melody Chaser Bird because it brings out their inner hunters, but I’m not allowed to play with that one for some reason.


As spoilt as I am, I have had sooo many toys but it wasn’t until we found GiGWI that we learnt that fun can actually last longer. Nothing last forever but their range of toys is really designed for wear and tear and being a bulldog I know a thing or two about the last one 😜. My favourite range is the Tropicana and the Jumballs and everywhere I go I make sure I bring them with me. ❤️


My 3 dogs are obsessed with their Gigwi toys. Their favourite is the Monster rope squeaker toy, they will play tug on and off all day long

L. White

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