What’s that old saying?

Curiosity killed the cat – that’s not always the case.

Cats definitely are curious, especially when it comes to sound and being attracted to the regular “pspsps” or high-pitched “here kitty kitty”.

The hearing of a cat is extremely sensitive, just as a dog as a heightened sense of smell and uses the gift of the nose to work their way around.

A little-known fact is that cats are actually able to hear higher frequencies than dogs.

Entertainment is found in sounds that mimic prey, which goes back to the natural tendencies to hunt.

The sound of a bird, the rustling of leaves and even a small squeaker is enough to attract and create the realistic sound of being the hunter in the wild.

The Melody Chaser has been identified as GiGwi’s number one seller for a reason.

The realism that the toy produces is aligned with the natural instincts of a cat.

The attraction is stemmed through the feel of the feathers and when touched, a realistic sound is released which encourages playful behaviour and endless hours of fun.

The Melody Chaser series provides several combinations of sound and feel which will keep your cat entertained and stimulated.

The series has a sound for every cat from the tweeting bird to a squeaking mouse and even a buzzing bee.

For the cats that are a little quirky, why not amuse them with a cricket that chirps or a hedgehog that snuffles.