Cats chase because they are natural born predators.

Watching, stalking and then pouncing on prey is an instinct that cats have embedded into their genes.

Original hunters, felines are attracted to moving objects, the faster the better as it makes it more of a game for them and if it is a toy, it imitates ‘the chase’ in the wild.

The amount of energy stored inside their fury bodies is enough to have you moving around a wand or using a laser pointer to keep them occupied.

Most of the time it is playful, sometimes the claws will be engaged, and if they take a tumble just remember that they always land on their feet.

GiGwi has come to your rescue with their vibrating running snake which is enough for them to chase, bat and kick for hours with no need for you to continuously wave your arms around with a toy in hand.

Let the mechanical toy stimulate the senses of your cat.

The snake contains catnip so not only will they be enticed by the movement, but the familiar scent will have them going wild.