GiGwi Jumball Basketball


Ultra durable and versatile, this big ball is perfect for any toy collection, keep an eye out for future NBA Stars!

Selected Features

Product Details

Are you an outdoor pup loving parent who’s looking for the ultimate fetch toy? Look no further, GiGwi Jumball Basketball is here! Designed with high energy dogs in mind, this ultra-durable basketball will provide hours of fun and bonding with your pup.

The GiGwi Jumball Basketball stands out from other fetch toys with its high-quality rubber outer that can withstand your pup’s toughest playtime. Plus, the handle makes it just as easy for your pup to tug and catch, as it is for you to throw. Let the fun begin!

The Jumball Basketball offers much more than just basic fetch with its versatile design that allows your pup to kick, roll and bounce the ball around. With a little practice, you pup might even become a canine NBA superstar! And don’t worry about the Jumball Basketball going for an unexpected swim, as it’s made to float – perfect for play in any terrain.

Give your pup more than just a toy – give them the GiGwi Jumball Basketball. Your pup won’t be disappointed – and neither will you! Spoil your pup with hours of fetchable fun and give them the GiGwi Jumball Basketball today.