Hunting is embedded into a cat’s brain.

If you have ever tried to vacuum your house or wake up in the morning and feel two little paws strike at your feet, you’ll understand what we are talking about.

A shine of a light, flap of a bird or even just the movement of your hand is enough to flick the switch to make them pounce!

Cats can be very private and do like to be left lazing in the sun, however they are actually quite social.

Playing with them and waking the dormant predator inside will forever be satisfying for them.

The GiGwi feather teaser wand is that perfect instrument!

Imitating playing with real bird feathers, the toy will bring out your cats most normal reactions.

Watch them play and be entertained for hours and with its soft materials, your miniature hunters’ claws will be kept nice and safe.

The reason imitation feathers have been used is to satisfy your cats comes back to the natural instinct of hunting prey, birds.

The kings of the jungle have always been fascinated with feathery objects, and for domestic cats, the texture of feathers is too attractive to let slide.