GiGwi Super Catnip Spray


Long lasting catnip spray that can be used to rejuvinate old toys, or guide them towards a new scratching post or bedding.

Selected Features
15 ml

Product Details

Introducing GiGwi Super Catnip Spray – the ultimate solution to keep your furry friend entertained!

Our product is packed with certified organic botanicals, premium North American catnip that will keep your cat purring for hours on end. With its long-lasting, strong fragrance, you can be sure that your feline companion will be drawn to its irresistible scent.

The best part? You can use it on old toys that your cat has lost interest in, and watch as your furry friend becomes reinvigorated with playtime. Plus, you can also spray it on scratching posts or bedding to guide your cat towards the right spot to scratch and nap, which will spare your furniture and rugs from unwanted scratches.

GiGwi Super Catnip Spray is easy to use and is the perfect addition to your cat’s toy box. Simply spray it on any surface and watch as your cat plays, scratches, and naps away.

Don’t settle for a bored and uninspired cat – give them the gift of GiGwi Super Catnip Spray and watch their eyes light up with excitement! Buy now and keep your cat happy and entertained for hours.

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