GiGwi Refillable Catnip Naturals Mouse


Playtime with catnip just became mess free! The refillable series from GiGwi uses their unique teabags in a soft plush friend with natural textures for your cat. Made for endless batting, tossing and pouncing, let the fun begin!

Selected Features
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Cats love variety, and with GiGwi Refillable Catnip Naturals, you can offer them just that! This playful and interactive toy means hours of fun for your furry friend. The GiGwi Refillable Catnip Naturals are made with special fasteners, so you can effortlessly switch out used catnip tea bags for new and mess-free refills. All of the North American catnip used in the toy are certified organic, so you can rest easy knowing your feline pal is playing safely.

The plush outer has been designed to mimic natural textures to excite your cats inner hunter, perfect for batting, tossing, and pouncing on, this delightful toy will instantly become your cat’s favorite treat

With GiGwi Refillable Catnip Naturals, you’ll be guaranteed a purring, contented cat every time. Offer variety and entertainment with a certified-organic and non-toxic toy! So don’t wait, give your kitties what they want with the GiGwi Refillable Catnip Naturals today. Try today and unleash hours of fun and excitement!