GiGwi Plush Jumball Bull


Watch out, there is a bull in the play pen and he will have you charging around. Made with durable rubber core and a plush cover, this toy is perfect for indoor play.

Selected Features

Product Details

Welcome the GiGwi Plush Jumball – the perfect way to give your pup hours of energetic and memorable fun. Finding the perfect fetch toy can be a challenge, but with the GiGwi Plush Jumball, you don’t have to look any further! This vibrant, fun design is just what your pup needs to get wagging and shaking.

When your dog plays with the GiGwi Plush Jumball, not only will they have tons of energy taken out of them but the super soft plush outer will keep them snuggling long after playtime’s over. The ultra durable rubber core ensures it’s perfect for your dog’s tough play, meaning it can handle all the throws, kicks, and catches of your active pup. Not to mention, the bright colours and plush horns, tail, and ears give your pup something fun to grab onto, offering hours of stimulating entertainment.

The GiGwi Plush Jumball is also perfect for indoor play! Whether it’s raining or your pup needs their energy taken out without going outdoors, the GiGwi Plush Jumball is fit for the ultimate indoor entertainment. Don’t worry about dents, scratches, or bruises either, the GiGwi Plush Jumball is designed with durability in mind, giving you and your pup the peace of mind that comes with quality fetch play.

The GiGwi Plush Jumball is the perfect companion for your rough and energetic dog, offering a versatile and long lasting toy that both of you can enjoy! So why wait? Get the GiGwi Plush Jumball today and unleash hours of fun with your 4 legged friend. Your pup won’t regret it!