GiGwi Multi-Sound Bone


Designed to excite power chewers, this durable rubber toy has 3 unique speakers. Give your dog a new adventure everytime they bite down!

Selected Features

Product Details

Are you tired of your dog getting bored with the same old toys? Switch it up with the GiGwi Multi-Sounds Bone! Give your furry friend something to bark about with this fun and unique toy, crafted by the ever-popular brand GiGwi.

Not only does this toy come with three distinct squeaking sounds to keep your dog entertained for hours, but it’s made from ultra-durable Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) – perfect for power chewers who love to sink their teeth into something.

That’s not all! Multiple surface textures on the bone give your dog’s gums a workout while they chew, helping to clean their teeth and maintain a healthy mouth. Plus, the bone’s unique shape is designed to be easy to pick up and hold – perfect for playing fetch in the park or enjoying some quality bonding time with your four-legged friend.

When playtime is over, simply rinse the GiGwi Multi-Sounds Bone in water – it’s built to last, meaning you can take it outdoors and enjoy all the fun and sunshine you and your pup can handle.

Don’t settle for boring old toys that’ll leave your furry buddy uninterested and unmotivated. Grab a GiGwi Multi-Sounds Bone today and give them an adventure every time they take a bite!