GiGwi Jumball Soccer Ball


Ultra durable and versatile, this big ball is perfect for any toy collection, keep an eye out for future Soccer Stars!

Selected Features

Product Details

Ready, set, FETCH! If you’re looking for an action-packed addition to your pup’s toy collection, then the GiGwi Jumball Soccer Ball is the one for you!

Made with ultra-durable rubber and a convenient handle, this bouncy ball is sure to provide hours of fun for your energetic pup. Plus, it’s designed especially for those larger dogs who just want to keep the fun rolling. Whether you’re throwing, bouncing, or kicking, your pup won’t want to put this ball down.

And with practice, your pup can master the skill of catching and fetching – because who knows, maybe your pup’s got the talent to become a future soccer star! This solid ball is sure to withstand hours or rough playtime and provide lasting fun. And don’t worry about the Jumball Soccer Ball going for an unexpected swim, as it’s made to float – perfect for play in any terrain.

Say goodbye to ordinary balls, and welcome the GiGwi Jumball Soccer Ball into your pup’s life. Perfect for active and energetic pups, it offers an array of entertaining play options. Get your pup’s tail wagging, and get the GiGwi Jumball Soccer Ball today because we all know, a big ball is a good ball!