GiGwi Johny Stick Treat Dispenser


Perfect for keeping your dog entertained or for extending meal time! The unique johnny stick shape is mde to be irresistible, just like a stick.

Selected Features

Product Details

The GiGwi Johnny Stick Treat Dispenser is a great additon to any dogs toy box. The unique Johnny stick shape has been made to immitate a stick making it perfect for games of fetch, or just as a toy that your dog wants to pick up and carry around! It is made of durable TPR rubber which makes it safe for your dog, as well as easily washable. The bright design is perfect for increased visibility during outdoor play.

Simply fill the Johnny Stick with your pet’s favourite snack and you are ready to go! Watch as they paw, toss and shake the toy around to get to the food inside. This toy offers dogs fun mental stimulation and a great way to burn off eneregy. This toy will help releive boredom and behaviural issues like chewing and barking.

Size: 20.5 X 5.5 X 5.5CM