GiGwi Johnny Stick Extra Durable


The signature Johnny Stick shape with a robust design for power chewers. The perfect chew toy made from solid, ultra durable TPR with raise grooves on the surface to massage your dogs gums while they play.

Selected Features

Product Details

Are you looking for a toy that your dog won’t quickly tear apart and destroy? If so, look no further than the GiGwi Johnny Stick Durable! This chew toy is designed for serious chewers and is ready for your pup to gnaw on all day!

Made from solid and ultra durable Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) – a non-toxic material – the Johnny Stick Durable will last untagged by your pup’s teeth, no matter much he tries to chew it. The raised grooves help massage your pup’s gums and provide a satisfying chewing sensation. Plus, the signature Johnny Stick shape mimics the shape of natural sticks, making it irresistable for your pup!

So, if you’re looking for a toy that your pup won’t quickly destroy, the GiGwi Johnny Stick Durable is a great option. It’s made from a non-toxic, ultra durable material and it’s sure to give your pup hours of entertainment! Get the GiGwi Johnny Stick Durable today to bring hours of fun and entertainment to your pup!