GiGwi Iron Grip Dog


The ultimate tug toy, built with an internal rope core for maximum durability this toy is ready for any tug-o-war challenger. The two sided TPR handle design means that you can engage your pup in the ultimate challenge in comfort.

Selected Features

Product Details

The GiGwi Iron Grip dog toy is the perfect companion for energetic canines. Built for tug-o-war, this toy comes with tough rubber rings for a comfortable two-sided handle for you and your pup, so you can enjoy playtime together.

The core is crafted with an internal rope for maximum durability and a plush outer design that’s sure to get your pup excited and engaged. Whether you’re battling a big dog or defending against a small pup, the GiGwi Iron Grip is built to last! Plus, the bright colors will help keep the toy easily visible, even in tall grass and long weeds.

With the Iron Grip, you get a toy that can keep up as your pup plays and grows, so there’s never a dull moment. Join in on the fun and show your pup who’s boss with the GiGwi Iron Grip dog toy. Enjoy far-too-long game of tug-o-war, challenge your pup to a duel, or take a break from your day and enjoy outdoor quality time.

No matter how you decide to play, the Iron Grip is the perfect way to bring furry friends together and have a roaring good time. Tackle boredom and bring home the GiGwi Iron Grip dog toy today. Get your pup ready for an adventure – grab your Iron Grip and let the fun begin!