GiGwi G-Foamer Dumbell


This Dumbbell is ready to do the heavy lifting. Ultra durable to withstand those sharp teeth when your pup bites down. It also floats in water making it the safe alternative to a stick for a game of fetch.

Selected Features

Product Details

Introducing the GiGwi G-Foamer Dumbbell – the ultimate outdoor toy for your pup! Your pup will have endless hours of fun, with the ultra-durable TPR Foam that’s tough enough to withstand even the sharpest teeth. Not to mention, it’s designed to float and features grooves for easy grabbing, so your pup can always be ready for game time.

Plus, don’t let the darkness slow them down! The bright pink color means your pup won’t lose sight of the action, perfect for games of tug-o-war. While it’s strong enough to last, it’s also soft to their teeth, so you can let them loose without worry. So whatever the time and place, the GiGwi G-Foamer Ball is the ultimate outdoor toy for your pup.

Ready for hours of outdoor entertainment? Then get the GiGwi G-Foamer Dumbbell for your pup. With its ultra-durable design and bright pink color, you can be sure that playtime will stay exciting for your pup. So why wait? Choose the ultimate outdoor toy and unleash the wild side of your pup today!

Size: 22 X 5 X 5CM