GiGwi Duraspikes Dino T-Rex


The GiGwi Duraspikes Dinosaur has been made with dino-strength and will last for hours and hours of play. The ancient dinosaurs know that being tough is the only chance to survive.

Selected Features

Product Details

GiGwi’s Duraspikes Dino dog toy is the perfect combination of toughness and fun for your pup. With an extra durable cotton canvas outer layer, this toy can withstand the toughest playtimes. The durable stitching ensures that it stays intact, even as your furry friend bites or pulls at it.

The TPR spikes on the fabric not only add a quirky touch to the toy, but they also massage your pooch’s gums while they chew on it.

Combined with it’s durable exterior, we have also made the Duraspikes Dino with compact stuffing, so this toy is built to last, guaranteeing many hours of playtime fun for you and your pet. So why settle for ordinary toys when you can upgrade to GiGwi Duraspikes? Let your pup experience the playful ferocity of a real-life dino with this Duraspikes Dino dog toy!

Please Note: There is no such thing as indestructible! We make our Duraspikes to last, but keep in mind this toy is designed for interactive play and not as a chew toy. Playtime should be enjoyed together, always supervise your pet during use and inspect them regularly for damage and remove if they become unsafe.