GiGwi Antler Wooden Chew Toy


Inspired by nature, an eco-friendly wooden based dog bone for strong chewers. Splinter free!

Selected Features
Large (25cm)
Medium (20cm)
Small (15cm)
XSmall (10cm)

Product Details

GiGwi natural dog chew antlers are a long lasting, eco-friendly wooden dog bone toy for strong chewers. Inspired by nature, they are made of food-grade PP material and eco-friendly pine. The natural wood combined with the toys raised surfaces act to create friction while your dog is chewing and aaid in cleaning your pet’s teeth and freshening their breath. The wooden antler is a great safe alternative to sticks as they are splinter free and won’t harm your pet’s gums. They can withstand hours of chewing from the most powerful jaws, making them great for reducing boredom and relieving anxiety.

For safety pets should be supervised as no chew product is completely indestructible. Pieces smaller than the mouth may present a choking hazard. At this time please change to a new antler for your pet.